Gain the mindset of a true BJJ warrior!


Trial offer one: one month of training and an uniform for 99.00

Trial offer two: two months of training and an uniform for 149.00

GI (BJJ uniform) night classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm and NO GI Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. Also, Wednesday at noon.

GI Day classes are Tuesday, Wednesday (NO GI only) and Thursday at noon and Saturday at 12:30.

All classes are taught by BJJ Black Belts!

You will be empowered with techniques and learn the mindset that will help you to resolve the puzzle of Jiu-Jitsu.

Get fit, strong, and wise with our Adults BJJ Program!

Benefits of this class:

Become more fit (burn up to 2000 calories in one class)

Increase in self confidence and self esteem

Increase stamina

Mental relaxation

Complete breakdown of the techniques giving you a broad understanding of Jiu Jitsu

You are welcome to start at anytime!

No testing fees to be promoted to your next Belt level!